Labour Council on Ottawa Mayor’s “State of the City”

Release Date: 
January 9, 2008

OTTAWA – The Ottawa and District Labour Council said today that the state of the city address delivered by Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien holds nothing new and is simply a rehashing of steps already taken in past years.

“He speaks to moving the city forward and doing things differently yet he continues utilizing the exact same practices of previous local elected officials and government and those practices are ones that he has continually stated he would do away with”, said Sean McKenny, president of the Ottawa and District Labour Council in reference to the several task forces that the Mayor indicated would be set up. “To top that off he continues to throw in to the pot the awarding of contracts and appointments to his friends and past business associates”, added McKenny.

The Mayor today stated that 2008 is a make or break year in respect to his 1000 days of transformation. “He spoke about all that had been accomplished in 2007 yet we certainly don’t believe that we’re alone in trying to figure out exactly what or where that occurred”, said Mr. McKenny.

“We also question his repeated reference to lobbying other levels of government,” said McKenny, “If other Councillors are tasked with this kind of initiative it may prove beneficial but given the criminal charges facing our Mayor we’re not too confident about success for a variety of reasons”.

The Ottawa and District Labour Council (ODLC) has been the voice of working people in the Ottawa area since 1872. The ODLC currently represents 90 local unions with a combined membership of close to 45,000 working men and women and is the largest democratic and popular organization in the Ottawa area.

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